DEFYME is a fun and engaging social dApp where friends can DEFY each other by creating thrilling leagues based on football matches using tokens.

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Fun, Transparent, and Distributed… Just enjoy the most of your favorite sport with your friends, adding a “worry-free” DEFY layer to spice things up and prove who knows best!


We have limited spots for the BETA Launch on Polygon.


Unlocking the Experience to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL!

Be part of exclusive and challenging Leagues where only a few are allowed to JOIN through their hardly earned NFT prizes or by participating in upcoming DROPS.

It’s YOU against the whole WORLD!

Do you have what it takes to be the G.O.A.T?

We are joining the WEB3 revolution, bringing seamless and frictionless user experiences while welcoming WEB2 users by downgrading the complexity of using distributed and non-custodial dApps.

Let’s get this done together!